Targeting Maths Labs

Targeting Maths CD-ROM Lab - A CD-ROM for each grade K to 6.

Each Targeting Maths CD-ROM includes twenty or more different games and activities. Focusing on areas where students needs practice and reinforcement, the CDs include activities across all areas of the primary maths curriculum.

Originally published in Australia the series has been adapted and republished in the US, UK, Canada, Thailand, New Zealand, Spain, and India. As well as being licensed for use in

Targeting Maths - Launch PadTargeting Maths - Launch Pad

Targeting Maths - Lab 1Targeting Maths - Lab 1

Targeting Maths - Lab 2Targeting Maths - Lab 2

Targeting Maths - Lab 3Targeting Maths - Lab 3

Targeting Maths - Lab 4Targeting Maths - Lab 4

Targeting Maths - Lab 5Targeting Maths - Lab 5

Targeting Maths - Lab 6Targeting Maths - Lab 6

Targeting Problem Solving

Targeting Problem Solving is a series of 3 CD-ROMs for lower, middle, and upper primary school. Each CD-ROM contains a range of activities focused around specific problem solving strategies. The CDs were extended and adapted for Scholastic UK where they accompanied the Star Maths Puzzles and Problems series.

Targeting Problem Solving - Level 1Targeting Problem Solving - Level 1

Targeting Problem Solving - Level 2Targeting Problem Solving - Level 2

Targeting Problem Solving - Level 3Targeting Problem Solving - Level 3